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bakugan90elf (March 1st, 2013):
Sorry for not responding, I didn't check XD. So what I did was go to this link: After you have clicked it you will see three dragon balls. One will say "Member", one will say "Open", and one will say "Download". Click "Member if you don't already have a wasabii account. I you do, click "Open" to open Dragon Ball Online. Once you click open you will see the wasabii home page. It will ask you for your username and password. (If you needed to make an account, remember the username and password. You will need it to log in to DBO). After you enter your username and password, your done with that page. You may leave and go back to Once there you must click on the dragon ball that says "Download". Now scroll down until you see the latest version of DBO to download. In a blue box you should see "bt". In the box next to it you should see the logo for DBO. Click it. Once it's done, open it. Once you get to the file you should (might not. Haven't done this in a long time XD. Don't worry this should work). see a dark blue icon. That's the installer. If you don't see it than when you click it you should see a small window will pop up with a few custom characters you wouldn't see in DBZ. Click on the button you see there. If something else pops up click the button on the left. (Left is always "yes" and right is always "no"). After you start the download of that thing it will disappear. Than go to the file of DBO that you just downloaded. Next double click the dark blue icon. Thats the install shield wizard. After that's done an icon of the four star ball will appear. right click that. Click "Run as admin". The launcher will pop up and once it's done patching and all that you may hit start. Congrats!!!! You have entered DBO!!!!!! Enjoy playing this game!!!!*

*(If you have any questions on one or more of the steps, please feel free to ask me with a pic of the screen you are having a problem with)

Your welcome :D

Kidd Vegetto (January 2nd, 2013):
Yes I also wanted to ask you, How did you download and setup DB Online and how long did it take? Im trying to set up

bakugan90elf (December 28th, 2012):
Hello Kidd Vegetto. Did you send me a friend request? I will respond "Yes".

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