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MightyMukusMan (November 17th, 2012):
Great! Thanks for that and I would love that to be part of dbo. It would make the support classes more important and would encourage clans even more to help people build support classes ect. Plus would be extremely cool if you could create a giant spirit bomb which would depend on the teams rp and if a few stepped back and powered up would make the spirit bomb more powerful. Or could be done on a kind of %. So would need characters to power up to get the spirit bomb to 100% instead of powering up and spirit bomb becoming more powerful. But the idea is there and should be used I would love to do it or be part of it ect.

I have also thought about fusion. It is almost impossible to do but I think it should be done as its part of the dbo universe, alot of people talk about it and come up with fusion between your character and your friends character but I think that will not happen. I think instead of fusing with players or npc's I think we should be able to fuse with our second character on the account. So My account has a fighter and a turtle hermit and fusing them together should bring fight and turtle abilities with hair of second character and face of first. Clothes obviously default like gotenks. Thats what I think but fusion customization would be cool to. Would add in a whole new way to character build. So you can go to a menu and change the skills you will be able to use from both characters. For example with my fighter and turtle hermit. I could choose Giant Kamehameha and Big-bang. but they both 2x strong as they already are with the dance fusion. With the earing fusion could bring it in even more stronger. Skills x5 ect.

The fusion would open up a whole new reason to character build. Fusion will only be able to be achieved with same species characters. It would keep me thinking about the fusion results too. Instead of thinking I am going to make this character like this and not think of the future fusion. Dance fusion could last for 30mins and earing fusion should last longer or for as long as possible.

This way of fusion is possible and keeps it simple as possible for the developers to bring in but makes it even more customisable than player to player fusion thus bringing a much better experience and a more real dbo universe game.

Fusion dance and Kai fusion would be really cool and could make the single player experience better and will bring the party and clan experience better. That with spirit bomb will make a huge difference to this game. Bringing it from One of my favourite games (as it is great and has dragon ball story ect) to my favourite game and the db fans favourite game! Stay true to Dragonball and bring in the best parts of it. Without the spirit bomb and fusion the game will become stale. SSJ is great too need more levels like Kaioken.

Thats what I think anyway. Pass it on I am sure db fans will agree.

Scrancher (November 17th, 2012):
Hi :-)
I actually really like your idea, and there's literally thousands of ways they can implent and improve DBO, so this one will be a fine addition to the list. The whole system with shared party RP would really make the Genkidama extra ordinary and unqiue which it deserves if it was to ever enter the game of DBO! I will write that along with the whole section of ideas for my next e-mail to NTL, so let's hope for the best. hehe. Credits for this one goes to you ofcourse.
Thanks for the idea, and feel free to share other ones if you like.

guitarheroboy4 (October 31st, 2012):

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