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Danger到我所有的恐惧 (May 20th, 2013):
get on rc

King Piccolo (April 30th, 2013):
Yeah i suffered 2 torn hamstrings and just came off having stomach ulcers. Was hospitalized for a week and lost hella weight and couldn't lift for awhile. Been making strides to get back to how i was when i came into college.

XMarcoX (March 1st, 2013):
please can I join the guild :) I'm new to DBO, and I need a group to play with

dobsondustin (January 28th, 2013):
I'm not joining you, ever. I would rather quit DBO.

Vegeta (January 14th, 2013):
Your the one posting on my profile .. Stop talking like a big man over the Internet it's pathetic

Vegeta (January 13th, 2013):
Lmao be quiet no one gives a **** certainly not me , don't write back you little ****

Citrinate (January 11th, 2013):
PMs are sent alerting users when they've received an infraction. If a user believes the infraction they were given was unjustified, then the usual process would be to respond to that PM and "include your reasoning behind why you think the infraction should be reversed".

Instead of doing that, your friend decided to take to the forums, and angrily attack the mod who gave him the infraction. He was given a second infraction for this and was banned (for having 3 active infraction points). He then supposedly attempted to avoid his ban with an alternate account, another violation of the rules. Now that he's done all that, now he now wants to step back and talk about whether or not his original infraction was justified.

You're free to send me whatever you want to send me about this, but understand that there's nothing usual about the way you and your friend are going about it. You and your friend are creating quite an unusual mess for me to sort through, and honestly I have much more important things to worry about right now. So also, please don't expect this to be at the very top of my priorities.

Deucalian (January 11th, 2013):
Talk to moderators or Citrinate about that. I'm merely letting you know that if you can't reach him simply be patient instead of going off on a tangent with a thread that will most likely be deleted.

keredvin (January 11th, 2013):
As you can see I did not delete the thread. If other people do have such thoughts towards the moderator team, instead of posting and potentially starting flame wars, I have done a favour to everyone, locked the thread so everyone can still see your thoughts and minimise the chance of pointless infractions. I mean, that was your idea behind the post, to express your opinion and make people aware?

It's still there for everyone to see, with the appropriate guidelines to take further action if necessary.

keredvin (January 11th, 2013):
If you did something wrong I would of given you an infraction. The thread you created was only going to cause trouble and would lead to moderators giving out numerous penalties to users.

If you do not agree with this, or have any other problems, please, PM Citrinate for assistance.

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