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Gokugohan (September 8th, 2013):
i think what you posted on sugestions is great 123goku321 on server 2

lasthopex (August 22nd, 2013):
aw my main is on server 1 :(

spyrofreak911 (August 8th, 2013):
Since your back, I'm gonna be on the Taiwanese version as one of my characters, I'll have to look, but haven't played DBO in a while considering how I got bored of it, but I'll go on TW Server 2, I'll tell you which character I'll be on as, and I'm gonna try to DB Hunt too, considering scouter chips can be bought as a low level.

lasthopex (May 27th, 2013):
Its now that IM back so...

spyrofreak911 (April 14th, 2013):
It's been such a long time since I've been on DBO. Truth be told, there are a few things that I've come to dislike about DBO, so lately I've been interneting around, playing PC Games that I buy, mod them a bit, watching anime, and take a well deserved nap because I stayed up and did all that. Plus, until summer comes, I have to be off the computer by 7 pm or else I will stay up due to computer stimulation and not make it to school. So I bet you've advanced your TW Server 2 characters a lot more than I've been on SpiritGamerX on HK, or SpiritGamerX007 on TW Server 2. Plus, I had decided I would level up my characters to 70 before I went on to make a zeni fortune because at 70 I can farm easier for the more expensive and rare items at TMQs. I won't be on DBO until I find out that I absolutely want to get back on it. Till then, I will be getting in on more anime that I haven't watched before, I only watched till episode 3 of dubbed Bleach and decided I want to get back to episode 1 because I wanted to watch it subbed instead. TBH, I like anime that is both borderline ecchi(or somewhat ecchi), a bit romantic, and has a decent amount of action and shounen elements mixed in, Examples: Zero no Tsukaima, High School DXD, To Love Ru, etc. But I can also watch stuff like DBZ, Naruto, or Bleach whenever I want to also. Just recently I watched Death Note and bought the Chaos;Head VN, translated it, and read it. In other words, once I'm done getting myself deep in anime, really awesome VNs, and want to play DBO, I will. I don't read manga and light novels, the only ones I read that are closely tied to a book are VNs, and even VNs have animations and voice actors to a certain extent. I'll see ya soon on TW Server 2, cause HK is getting more and more underpopulated by every day that passes by.

spyrofreak911 (November 19th, 2012):
Hey dude, sorry, but I haven't bothered with the TW version lately. I don't want to deal with 2 game patches, plus I kinda sorta like HK better. Plus, TW's launcher has been making me insane with their bugs.

Kyarin (October 19th, 2012):
Arys, Zero, Turtlz, a few other people. Guild is also searchable and applyable on here

Kyarin (October 18th, 2012):
DU has the guild on here btw Final ^^ search for it in the guild and guild forums listing in your user control panel

spyrofreak911 (October 15th, 2012):
But, yea, I'll be there to help, I just have no idea what your DBO char name is nor what times you are on. Ya know, my time isn't so different from yours, I'm in the time of Pennsylvania.

spyrofreak911 (October 15th, 2012):
First, I need to know which part of this weekend, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you're going to go on, the time you'll log in, and your DBO TW character name. Cause I'm gonna meet you with a new Human character, and get to your part and help you level by walking you through it. My new Human is gonna be a Spiritualist named: TurtleGamerX on Server 2. That's all I need to know from you. My weeks are quite busy, so that's why I can't make it at those times.

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