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Danishguy (February 20th, 2012):
i just assumed since both the characters had "spade" in their names :)

Fujimaru (February 19th, 2012):

Danishguy (February 19th, 2012):

Fujimaru (February 10th, 2012):
and no it wont go away like hypnosis

Fujimaru (February 10th, 2012):
well in PvP turtle stun isnt that great cause you need to get close and that means you will get stunned and then its over, i prefer to use a combo with disks and sleep after that slow and spirit rod kd to get a effect similar to stun but that wont work for ranged classes so there i just focus on kd lock but you still can use it in pvp but wont be that good but for a hybrid one is more or less good

Docter Puto (February 9th, 2012):
Ok but why wouldn't it work in pvp? o_o question-If you attack when you used sudden stun will it go away like hypnosis?

Fujimaru (February 2nd, 2012):
For PvE it could work but i would rather leave kaioken at lvl 1 and max turtle rod impel instead of turtle rod hurl cause its stronger and deals burn damage for 10 sec so its additional damage,but physical turtle skills wont do as much damage as eng skills as turtles have more eng attack,and if you take kaioken leave it at lvl 1 or max it cause lvl 1 isnt much diffrent than lvl2(it gives only a bit more attack)and between lvl 2 and 3 is a big diffrence in drains and attack
For PvP it wont work

Docter Puto (February 1st, 2012):

Fujimaru (January 15th, 2012):
no sorry only tw version,dont have the money right now to buy a kr account but i will play it later maybe if i get an account

Vongola (January 15th, 2012):
you play korean and t aiwanese?

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