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alon05440 (June 5th, 2014):
still bro all i found is 3d object converter pls can you just send a link for the page you can send on skype facebook what ever you want if you dont want here but pls i really want these software these will help me allot i will open all files of dbo if i will got these software pls bro

Keizh (June 5th, 2014):
Look if it's this one:

To open, you just have to pick a DFF and open. Be careful, it usually does not work on 1st time you open. You have to try 5 or 6 time before it works. I don't know why.

alon05440 (June 5th, 2014):
ok bro by the way the software you tell me about i looking for it and the only thing that look like the software you told me about is 3d object converter and on these software i cant import dff i can just 3d and object so can you say how to import dff or if these isent the software you told me so can you send a download link pls

Keizh (June 5th, 2014):
Yeah, I took a look on that game but actually the character resets when I restart the game.

I was also looking at the folders but only a few minutes. I'm not sure that we can change NPC or models actually. The softwares can export the DFF models to OBJ or 3DS but they can't do the opposite.

I supose we have to wait a little and see what happens in the future.

alon05440 (June 5th, 2014):
by the way bro you see the dbo offline it pretty good right for a beta you think that we can work on it and make it you know better like npc skills quest and more things that missing there

alon05440 (June 5th, 2014):
ok bro thx i will try to do these and when i got result i will show you thanks

Keizh (June 5th, 2014):
Good pic by the way. You almost extracted all kokkara hehe.

Keizh (June 5th, 2014):

Listen, If I have to make a tutorial to show you how to rig, I can stay here still tomorrow writing and uploading images. Any info to learn how to use 3D Studio can be found in Youtube with visual tutorials wich are A LOT BETTER than explaining you here how to rig. Just look for a good tutorial in Youtube. They are made by experts and a way more skilled than me users.

The software name is called 3D Converter. Type it in Google, download it and if you don't want to pay for it, just look for a crack. I couldn't post a crack because it's actually not allowed.

alon05440 (June 4th, 2014):

alon05440 (June 4th, 2014):
ok bro also i see your post on the forum and you sayy you have software that open dbo models can you give me it pls these will help me more at the game also see one of the photos from the game how it look i still not texture the character and i know how but after i texture he i cant rig him can you explain how to texture him and rig him or just make a tutorial for how to do these pls

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