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guitarheroboy4 (April 6th, 2013):
quite scripture that says beat your wife and own your slaves

guitarheroboy4 (April 6th, 2013):
You claim to have knowledge of the bible and not call me a Christian, I'm not saying I don't have love for gay people, I'm saying that they shouldn't be married, 2 completely different things. Also if you actually had knowledge of the bible, you would also know that god calls out homosexuals as abominations.

KidBuu89 (March 31st, 2013):
hey its MajinBuuXSR

Lushun1101 (March 27th, 2013):
This is Lushun1101 getting back to you about the guild.
I have extensive mmo experience back since before the OG Everquest. I took a break after WOW BC (best horde guild on Sargeras =)) anyways i have been in high-end guilds and non-high-end guilds. I am looking for something in-between. plus my 9-year old has played mmos since WOW and then LOTRO and he would want to be in the same guild as his dad, and i don't expect guild chat to change as hes seen it all and he is banned from speaking in guild chat anyways (probably just turn off guild chat in his window on his account lol), and i don't expect him to get any help unless i am involved (and everyone is cool with it). Anyways so if you guys are a laid back and friendly but a determined and focused guild and is cool with what i said, i think i might take you up on your offer. Do you have a guild website (with forums and things) that i can check out? Do you use vent or ugh whats the other one =(? Do you have schedules for running things? (i would assume these things will be you website right?) anyways let me know, Thanks for your time my good sir

ShugSama (March 21st, 2013):
Whats up Chaka. Couldn't tell is was you with that username.

reigntall (March 20th, 2013):
bored down loading a game for this purpose lol

XSpartaX (March 20th, 2013):
can't log in it says to wait a few mins xD

Shyox (March 17th, 2013):
It's in the Human starter zone wrapped around a big sphere

Luxrush (March 17th, 2013):
on ur signuture where did u find the dragon i was wondering

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