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KakarottoZ (May 31st, 2012):
Graf bro u can give me file lang0pak in DBO_CT_TW--->pack?

Danin (May 30th, 2012):
Graf game is back online???

Graf (May 9th, 2012):
Let him try to close that one. No rules broken there. Lmao, someone is butthurt.

maluriddle (May 9th, 2012):
Lmao tempest close ur thread

RYNMELANCON (May 6th, 2012):
I really appreciate you helping me out like this, and I'll be happy to give you 12mil when I get the skill reset XD I wish I could give you more but that's all I have. Like I said, just mail the thing to me when you get it :D

RYNMELANCON (May 3rd, 2012):
If I'm not online when u get it, just mail it to me on DBO XD

RYNMELANCON (May 2nd, 2012):
Ok, so, my GF won't let me put money to play DBO lol. But, I was wondering if you could use some of your points or zenni to get me a skill reset? I usually don't ask people for stuff like this but, I'm desperate lol. Btw, it's me, Khaio XD

majinultrosx (October 26th, 2011):

jagosto08 (October 13th, 2011):
bro can u log in already?

ishali (October 8th, 2011):
I deleted all the posts which were off topic on the "Potential Server Merge" thread.

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