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TRUESSJBardock (January 13th, 2013):
I love your Profile Pic

Zellion (January 7th, 2013):
Ah cool. Well if they do at some point let me know! Plus my late gradfather was Japanese. I should really learn the language it. -_-'

Btw. I was the guy you quoted on basil about my dis-taste for people who use japanese phrases in English text. :D

Zellion (January 7th, 2013):
Hahaha! Hey. I saw you on Weaboo MArket.. I mean Basil Market today!

I was gonna ask you. Has Hayato come back to JMS yet? I was going to join it.

rockxx (November 4th, 2012):
can't login in wasabii dude my pw or id is 10% correct i got a mail but i dont understand wht is the mean because my english is not good ...that why i can't solve the problem....plz help me can tell me your email address i sent u the mail and tell me wht is the serious problem..

Porunga's Wrath (October 31st, 2012):
will you be switching to the japanese dbo when it comes out around next year then?

Porunga's Wrath (October 31st, 2012):
are you fluent in both english and japanese then?

zhano77 (July 7th, 2012):
hey is ssj on an MA good or bad

Bluemoonx3 (July 7th, 2012):
I would love to try the HK version. Unfortunately the HK download is sucking horribley

Kagito (July 2nd, 2012):
i would play those versions but its hard to make an acc

Kagito (July 2nd, 2012):
what version

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