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Akiload (October 29th, 2012):
Didn't get to ask, same old Pic still crashing lol has ssj on both chars give him a half hour=crash

Akiload (October 27th, 2012):
No the guy said he got bored of them.

Akiload (October 25th, 2012):
Yep and Picunail is back, he got back his Benjin and Rockyo chars too.

Akiload (October 6th, 2012):
Your luck has been passed on!

Akiload (October 2nd, 2012):
ok what i meant was like are there plenty of supers with mobs or 4 supers/ultras 1 ultra/boss? and mob hunts like what number?

Akiload (October 1st, 2012):
You ever run out of quests or is it smooth for the rest of the way? mainly 60-70 wanna know why so bad for fighter

Akiload (September 27th, 2012):
You still have Vegtettin and Durin? and the lvlin to 55 sounds like grinding more or less

Akiload (September 26th, 2012):
So what level until quests start picking up on exp? and how's hunting (i still got 2 no ssj)

Akiload (September 23rd, 2012):
Must be a holiday only guild i guess then. Well when i get the chance i'll lvl my namek then make a turtle I'll be online for like a week between the last week of oct to 1st week of nov btw what build did you use with your turtle before you got super kamehameha?

Akiload (September 20th, 2012):
Hey are you the Gozhann from Evolution Fighter? If you are its me akildude

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