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DJRehab (March 22nd, 2012):
no I dont have SSJ im level 19 :(

JakXLT (March 22nd, 2012):
You don't happen to know which texture file SSJ aura is in do you? lol

This is taking awhile

JakXLT (March 21st, 2012):
Thanks man I'll do that now :)

So open the file with the texture I'm modding in notepad++ or what?

supermarketey (March 20th, 2012):
thanks for the rep man, i appreciate it. keep up the good work.

JakXLT (March 19th, 2012):
Lol, I blocked pms from everyone who isn't a site admin or on my friends list. When I started modding I kept discovering new ways to use the files and I would get massive amounts of PMs from noobs asking for files and asking basic questions and it drove me nuts.

Since you're pioneering a new level of client side modifications you can expect the same.

Also it's not necessary to use your method to edit the charging aura, that can be done in notepad++ by swapping out the upgrade level.

JakXLT (March 19th, 2012):
Nice work with the mods man. Can similar methods be used to edit effects like the auras for SSJ and Kaioken?

Swordsman45 (March 18th, 2012):
go to chat box :D

Swordsman45 (March 18th, 2012):
I have video uploaded, later tonight I will post it

Hidan1 (March 18th, 2012):
ok no problem ;)

maluriddle (March 18th, 2012):
nice guides but i dont understand what u did with that hex part?

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