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ProjectTank (February 3rd, 2013):
This anime's one big mind-fudge. Also WAY better in sub, dub is crap -.-

ryant84 (July 20th, 2012):
what server do you play on? we're on server 2. whisper me "RT1984" or our guild leader "Godun" or one of the other jr masters "StormSurge" in game to join our guild in game.

DboFan100 (July 18th, 2012):
I do have the advantage but im a pretty slow leveler >.>

DboFan100 (July 18th, 2012):
Remember me from the closed beta. I went by the name Omega...i thought u quit dbo
Now i go by Azoriel. Im a lvl 54 swordie :D

goten2011 (July 1st, 2011):

DboFan100 (June 5th, 2011):
nothing much havent played but i was able to get to lvl 6 i think and plus i got a lvl up to 33 potion for me to unlock at lvl 10 so i am psyhced

Ethan Walker (June 5th, 2011):
Hey! Sorry for randomly signing out the other night. The game glitched out on me when I was supposedly upgrading, lol. Got up to level 8 before hitting the hay so I'm pretty psyched about it. What level did you two get to? :)

goten2011 (June 4th, 2011):
its me 2 hehe

DboFan100 (June 4th, 2011):
It is me omega from earlier

About Me

    Race: Human
    Biography: A not so long time ago, in a galaxy relevantly close, a nerd was born. ...Hi.
    Location: California, US
    Interests: DBO-ing, Video games, Working out, Reading Comic Books, & Sleeping.
    Occupation: Catching Chiaotzus

    My characters:

    Swordsman and self-proclaimed ladies man
    -Taiwan server 2-

    Turtle spawned from the depths of Michael Bay's testosterone-fueled explosions.
    -Taiwan server 2-

    Quotes that float my boat:

    "I sank their battleship - and their WHALES!"

    "So, nudity makes you stronger on this planet."

    "Yeah, we're going to get panties! I mean immortality."


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