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ryant84 (December 20th, 2012):
hey man you play anymore?

Jakedbz030 (September 24th, 2012):
Do you play anymore?

Shisei (July 25th, 2012):
sup bro :D

yea so I guess it will be Legacy then.. but about the guild logo, it's kinda hard to decide which one to go for coz since it's only me, you and Shun for now then it doesn't seem really like a poll xDD but well maybe I should wait till we get more people and then try it, we will see.. but for now we just need to get rid of the chinese symbols on guild name coz people may think that we aren't a foreigner guild hehe

Shisei (July 24th, 2012):
yo bro !! I asked Shun about the guild name and after some time thinking about it we came with the name "Legacy" ... tbh I personally liked it and the meaning behind it and Shun also thinks it's ok so now I want to know about ur opnion brother...

btw we should start looking for a new logo so I made a few ones of my taste:

1.1 -

1.2 -

2.1 -

2.2 -

3.1 -

3.2 -

4 -

5 - make your own guild logo as a suggest ^^

that's pretty much it, bro I want to say really thanks for all your support and I hope we can do well in this guild and make it happen in the right way ^^

see you brother :)

Shisei (July 23rd, 2012):
that's ok bro, the hardest part was done now we just need to change the name and logo of the guild and choose our own, so don't need to hurry, I'm sure you will be back as soon as you can. thanks brother ^^

Shisei (July 22nd, 2012):
hey bro, how are u doing ? I hope good ^^

I got some good news... I finally managed to borrow my friend's acc which has an inactive guild and he allowed me to use it, so I hope we can meet up in the game soon and then choose a new name and logo for that guild, I can't wait to build our new home and have fun together, I will do my best ^^

btw sry for my english, I haven't used it too much lately hehe

seeya brother ^^

Jakedbz030 (July 16th, 2012):
And thanks for that bit of cash
I will always remember you bro

Jakedbz030 (July 16th, 2012):
See ya man.

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