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DJRehab (December 25th, 2012):
haha havent logged in in a looonnngggg time sorry man just gonna redownload DBO now i'm on a different computer so don't know at the moment if you even still mess with this :)

JakXLT (May 1st, 2012):
I'm having an issue with texture modding. Nothing huge, I've been modding faces. When I inject a modded face and use that face, it's quality is rather bad when I'm zoomed out. I've tried messing with different settings in the .DDS format, but nothing seems to work right. Do you know how to save it properly so it doesn't look so ****ty?

JakXLT (March 29th, 2012):
I really need your help finding the texture for Kaioken recoloring. I'm pretty sure it's just a red texture with alpha blending but I've looked in every file and I can't find it.

usarmy83 (March 27th, 2012):
hey man i am doing everything for the tw and it still wont let me in

JakXLT (March 27th, 2012):
I definitely would've noticed if my characters skin bugged out while I was digging through the files, and you haven't explained away the fact that Krillin dogi is in the texture files while other dogis are not. There's gotta be some missing formats, are there any plugins or new versions I can download for more image formats?

JakXLT (March 27th, 2012):
Hmm... it seems that there are formats in the texture pak files not listed by DUP. The texture for Krillin dogi is in texture files, but no other dogis I've seen while scanning for textures are. Namekian and majin skin is in the texture files, but human is not. Sunglasses texture is in the texture files, but eyepatches are not. There must be missing formats, no other explanation.

JakXLT (March 27th, 2012):
It's not a texture man. I looked in every file, TWICE. The red recoloring from Kaioken is not there.

JakXLT (March 26th, 2012):
Wish I could help :/ I'm just an amateur programmer, wouldn't know where to begin on something like this.

JakXLT (March 25th, 2012):
Hey man, any idea how to mod .dff files? DUP doesn't seem to have that format as an option, and I wouldn't know what program to open them in.

Dumke (March 25th, 2012):
it's cool man.

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