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JorgeGutierrez89 (October 31st, 2013):
come on people need to wake up small the coff haha we still love dbo u know don't u dbocom so work at it now we r the boss make dbocom work now

JorgeGutierrez89 (October 7th, 2013):

JorgeGutierrez89 (October 7th, 2013):

JorgeGutierrez89 (October 7th, 2013):

Crazyplower (October 6th, 2013):
That won't happen sorry :(... Maybe there might be SSJ2 tho :D

JorgeGutierrez89 (October 5th, 2013):
im very sad because this game nomore oceober 31 will close down forever dragonball online

JorgeGutierrez89 (September 21st, 2013):
what do u think which one is very powerful more super saying god goku or super saying god vagta and super namekin without no fushin

JorgeGutierrez89 (September 20th, 2013):
new dbz game so far this game it is very awesome tytyvm to post this and let me know when new game come out for xbox 360 xbox one wii wii u ps3 ps4 pc or what It will come out March 2014 on Xbox 360 and PS3 ok ty cool i got xbox 360 why this game not for xbox one u think this game better then any dbz ggame out there

JorgeGutierrez89 (August 8th, 2013):
internet connection is sucks big time because everytime go on and off make me piss out im in belize central america internet way very slow i hate it very bad but good news tommrow i go to Houston Tx. so i'm not worry about move very slow im born in new orleans so im america my internet connection is move not very fast noy very slow because my uncle buy for me very powerful computer for gamer only im very happy for that bye belize welcome to Houston Tx. tommrow.

JorgeGutierrez89 (July 30th, 2013):
My chat window is gone. How can I get it back?

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