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ElectroChoc (February 5th, 2016):
******, go ask around DBOG and see if you can find me my old ponyfaggot buddy "Rekku".

Also, I expect 2 kid clocks and a pair of those tiny, fluffy wings when I start playing as compensation for your idiocy.

Griffel (January 25th, 2016):
hahahahahahahaha chilllllll

Griffel (August 3rd, 2014):

Man of Bored (April 25th, 2014):
ChocolateCrane? have you returned!!! I kinda gave up on ever hearing from you again.
p.s. your little chimmi made an account here

MasterLight (February 4th, 2014):

ElectroChoc (January 28th, 2014):
yo fleshy, what up son

ElectroChoc (January 28th, 2014):
gonna be honest...the servers kinda suck on NA tera, srs lag and such. theres been rumors that eme will be fixing this soon but idk.....also, my poor laptop can hardly get 20-30 fps on tera TT^TT (ive already hit cap tho and gotten geared somewhat, so if you change your mind i could prolly hook you up with gold and such. tbh ive been thinking of swithing to kr tera for awhile now (damn kssn requirement and ip region block is the only thing holding me back :/)

MasterLight (January 28th, 2014):
hey chocolate crane?

KidBuu89 (January 28th, 2014):
she dont love you fagatron lmao! an tera is to guy so i started playing infestation survivor stories to past the time until new DBO! an twist is dead online so i suck my self off now!!! haha

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