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Lonjin (March 11th, 2010):
I was wondering if you knew how to change the password on netmarble? I purchased an account and have all the info needed. I did a search through the forum and couldn't find anything that would help.

macdaddymario (March 11th, 2010):
Just signed up, trying to get the new version of the patch myself. thanks for taking the time.

kozzi2 (March 11th, 2010):
any one can help me >>>to play game i need number phone
>>if one can help me please talk to me in my e-mail>>([email protected])

cpuman (March 11th, 2010):
well i couldnt find a way to pm you so i guess ima just leave a message here then, i have my ss of me ingame with dbocom typed in the chat bar.

Lonjin (March 11th, 2010):
Thanx a lot. Great to be a member here

Lonjin (March 11th, 2010):
Hey, I'm new to the site and just got my DBO account going. I would like access to the private area and try out the english patch. Here is my screenshot.

leankpo (March 10th, 2010):
hey help me plz

nikolas0 (March 9th, 2010):
what is the stickies ?? xD

jordolang (March 9th, 2010):
Hi, I just bought an account off of *********.com for the korean version. I got it up and running, but I cannot understand the korean text to even create a character. Is there any way you can send me a link to the english language patch please? Once I get in I promise I will send you a screeny of what you asked for.

Thank you

Jordan L

Kalamity (March 8th, 2010):
Hey my character's name is also Kalamity...Could I have access to the english patch : D (I can't seem to find how to send you a private message).

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