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DJRehab (May 12th, 2011):
Actually...ur i demonstrate modifying GAME_SKILL_INVALID_TARGET_APPOINTED="지정한 대상에게 스킬을 사용할 수 없습니다."



Yes it says a bad word and i apologize as it would really need to just say Invalid Target but srsly thought it would fail because ur message xD

once again i will ask, would u like me to help translate more of the lang pack?

EDIT - p.s. only photo editing done was to remove my char name due to it most likely being against EULA

DBZjunkie413 (May 12th, 2011):
sorry did not know won't happen again

DBZjunkie413 (May 12th, 2011):
um okay so i need to prove to u that im playing why would i lie about that just so i can post here i have 3 accounts man. if i really do need to do that how do i take a screen shot without a cam

DavyJonesx (May 12th, 2011):
I click the Skills button at the top right and it just keeps loading the page doesn't open =s

Nvm I just restarted myl aptop and now it's fixed ;]

DBZjunkie413 (May 12th, 2011):
hello was wondering if i can get access to post on forums..ima be very active and it hard to find a guild if i cant post.TY

DBZ Junkie 413

DJRehab (May 12th, 2011):
Was checking out the modified lang0.pak in hex and noticed that only about 1/2 or so has been translated (probably more dont really exactly remember but still quite a bit of korean text) where as 100% of the messages in the pack file could be changed, will offer a helping hand if needed....

GAME_SKILL_CANT_CAST_NOW="현재 스킬을 발동할 수 있는 상태가 아닙니다."
GAME_SKILL_CANT_CAST_NOW="Cannot cast this skill at the moment."

Mastermrgt (May 12th, 2011):
i thought the beta servers was up

Mastermrgt (May 12th, 2011): thats what i mean im stuck there

Mastermrgt (May 11th, 2011):

DavyJonesx (May 11th, 2011):
I can't view the ''skills'' page...

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