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taytheking (May 3rd, 2012):
hey ive got a question do you can make me a account on dragonball online please `?

songoku67 (May 3rd, 2012):
slt je mapelle songoku67 ve tu etre mon amie

hanis99 (May 3rd, 2012):
citrinate can u create account for me please ..

hanis99 (May 3rd, 2012):
err i dont know how to register account for korean version .. ==
and i dont have kssn .. == .. i am from malaysian

tigerwizard101 (May 2nd, 2012):
How do i f*** play someone tell me plz

tigerwizard101 (May 2nd, 2012):
hi im new

dbzantos024 (May 2nd, 2012):
hi ^^
i am new to here and dbo game i am the big fan of DBZ games
i have tried this all
have a game
have a manual patch (coz the dbolaucher.exe wont work it shows up square thing and i just use the DBO.exe but hard to open it shows up game intialize or something but i works)
have a english patch
have an account
and active to DBO
but when i tried to loggin it shows nothing .. please please please help me im beg of you please please please thanks for advance

funnycooldude (May 1st, 2012):
how do you even get to play this freaken game

rupe37 (May 1st, 2012):
hello i am a namekian fusion of poe and oru
from the legendary old namek
i was born when it was destroid
and was frozen in the void of space for a long time and
now i don't know were i am because i don't
know how to start the game

Vegito1089 (May 1st, 2012):
Please make me moderator

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