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Shetzki (March 8th, 2010):
Hi I play DBO my character is Shatzi - 40lvl

nikslg (March 8th, 2010):
Cit what is mean letters around item?
P, L, Ex, R?
i think
L is Legendary
R is Rare
but what about others?

Atarada (March 7th, 2010):
My name is Strayth and I look like Android 17.

Atarada (March 7th, 2010):
Hi, I just got the game ( and my account activated) and can't see the private forums.

I'd like to play with new players. ;)

Ryuuk (March 7th, 2010):
Hey, I heard you guys have newest working English patch. I searched whole forum and can't find it. Any help?


uramelli (March 6th, 2010):

mi screnshot please help me need parch in the englesh

uramelli (March 6th, 2010):
hi i are argentino and need new parch in englesh but no can enter foro private

uramelli (March 6th, 2010):
Hello I Are Argentina No Can See Foro Private And I Have Account Dragonball

Juelz (March 6th, 2010):
my DBO IGN is k4nNon. I sent the screen shot in a private message

mike893 (March 5th, 2010):
thx for that piece of justice....

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