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ailijevic (October 14th, 2012):
Pozzz ljudi jel bi mogli da mi kazete imena vasih karaktera u igri da vasa dodam ako jos uvek igrate,nerviraju me ovi silni spanci ni engleski ne govore,Bilo bi tako kul kad bi imao s nekim slobodno da pricam :))

seth299 (May 6th, 2012):
Hey How Do I Down Load Dbo On My Computer I Already Have An Aount

riyadhalkhamees (March 12th, 2012):
Next twomorrow I wel see ya Iam online

GiskaSRB (March 5th, 2012):
igram na serveru 2 :D jesi fighter pvp :D da mi help malo

riyadhalkhamees (February 28th, 2012):
I Wel come back tomorrow Online See ya

riyadhalkhamees (February 26th, 2012):
You look lik my friend vasjii real same fase and hair !!!

King Fox (February 25th, 2012):
No prob man.

King Fox (February 25th, 2012):
It's been awhile so I don't remember with absolute clarity. Did you talk to the turtle again? Also you might want to try doing the quests from the other NPCs in the same area where the chain starts. If I recall, one quest takes you back to the guy at the top of the mountain where you went for the adult quest line.

Citrinate (February 16th, 2012):
Any skill that doesn't have a video.

Citrinate (February 16th, 2012):
Any skill that doesn't have a video. Which are almost all of the newest master class skills.

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