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Pain2DWorld (July 31st, 2013):
Of course I have ID .___."

Pain2DWorld (July 31st, 2013):
Willing to trade the LV70 SM..throw in some dogi with CloxHealer and ok x)

d5hsfj (July 27th, 2013):
Hmm I don't have kssn but if you talk to kagu he can try to hook you up with a kssn because what he does is get a kssn and then gets someone to verify it so maybe kagu can help you with that process. It would be great for you to join korean community haha. There's not much more that I can do than tell you that besides this site i'll pm u

Pain2DWorld (July 26th, 2013):
i have LV 48 crane,...I DO have a LV70 SM but....

Jaxill (June 2nd, 2013):
It was apart of my highschool social structure. I was a trouble kid so I barely went to class. My mother solution to this was to put me in a school you lived at so I couldn't ditch.

As this high school also had dorms it didnt enforce no smoking rules at non school hours. With not much to do Smoking was always present in social situations and it gave you an excuse to hang around people and make friends.

So while I did smoke before this school it was a very rare thing and it really went over board when I went to this school.

In short peer pressure.

Pain2DWorld (May 25th, 2013):
Still have CloxHealer?? o.o

Vegeta (May 23rd, 2013):
Nice send me your IGN and within the week ill add you once it's made

Vegeta (May 23rd, 2013):
Hey , yeah jocer thinks good idea too , I'm gonna make it Sunday when I get back from my holiday in canaries islands . Will see what "OP" players are there but I don't think I will find many as the "best fighter" doesn't have any gear and the best sk only has +9 armour and 13 axe . This is just what I'm told so hoping to find some decent players

Jocer (May 22nd, 2013):
i might come in the summer...gotta get my passport

darkingdom (May 22nd, 2013):
Lets go right now **** ME!

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