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VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
they get mad over stupid stuff lol

VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
whats your name going to be on DBOPS again??

VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
ok...but im serious tell me if im online feel free to post anything you want k?? btw don't talk back to moderaters lol the guys with crowns by their names they can ban us both lol

VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
lol its ok still learning... oh yeah btw there are some jerks so when u post or create a thread and someone replies bad and mean I got your back

VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
son I hope its not true about daijon

VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
goku btw message me on my profile because u messaging here is kinda like messaging yourself so people u think u reply to never see it

VegetaJr. (November 8th, 2013):
bull shit dad

SSJGokuThe5th (November 8th, 2013):
Your shitting me right... you would think he would have told me someting like that
but i guess i may never know

SaiyanKakarot (November 8th, 2013):
Dude.. Daijon had stage 4 cancer... i think he has passed away

SSJGokuThe5th (November 7th, 2013):
BTW i was also gonna ask if you knew if Daijon had an account on dbocom

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