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Gewku (July 13th, 2015):
Yo you still alive there buddy? Long Time no see... If you ARE still there, then PM me a message I wanna ask you something. =D

Keizh (July 31st, 2014):
Oh. I almost don't have NPC except Bardock and Vegeta, sorry :(

BTW, try to extract NPC by yourself using this software:

To run it, do not click the red ball icon. It's the other one. Sometimes it gives errors at first try. Just keep trying to import 'til it works.

magara (July 30th, 2014):
Hi, I know I might be out of the line here, but I have have been searching for models of Ox King, Monster Carrot and Paella for a long time, and with no success, and since you extracted all of dbo models I thought you could have them, so I'm beaging you to share them with me. I tried using DBO unpacker and The guy unpacker, but they didn't work for me, so I hope I'm not bothering you and I hope you can help me....

alon05440 (June 25th, 2014):
bro you saw these the ragezone team got finish dbo for what i see

Keizh (June 23rd, 2014):
I don't have anything about this. I posted the link to the forum where the project is being made. Look there :)

alon05440 (June 21st, 2014):
ok and if you got enter online or you got the files that work can you tell me how and send me the pics bcz i realy want to and i do the same if i got them

Keizh (June 21st, 2014):
No man. I said they are working on it. I'm not into that project but it seems they have actually done something.

alon05440 (June 21st, 2014):
bro you know how to do online connection on dbo offline you got the files

Keizh (June 12th, 2014):
Yes. Everything is on unpacked folder.

alon05440 (June 12th, 2014):
on the unpacked folder or on the original dbo folder

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