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spidey462 (October 6th, 2013):
also add me if you want SONxGOKEN tho i cant promise when ill be on if at all

spidey462 (October 6th, 2013):
i sent the email. let me know if you have any problems. read the "READ ME.txt" first and follow the instructions. its prepatched in english buit hte translations a bit out dated. the read me explains more.

Nyno (October 6th, 2013):
Since I submitted the email I'd appreciate it if what you say is true.

spidey462 (September 25th, 2013):
If you have any more questions post them in the private server forum if it hasnt already been answered in a previous thread and look for ppl with "dbops development" under their name

spidey462 (September 25th, 2013):
At the moment its just a project that wont start development till November. Its goal is to bring dbo back online through private servers (dbops) this could get stopped at anytime as this is a fan project and no one on the team actually has rights or permission to use the property.

SonMason117 (September 24th, 2013):
what is dbops and were is it

spidey462 (September 18th, 2013):
dude im running vista on top of bad specs. i got decent ram but thats it. perfect world was made in 08. plus its free. if it doesnt run delete it. but you never know till you try. and for all i know im gonna hate it but ive only played 20 minutes of it. and in that 20 minutes i thought to myslef "it isnt DBO but itll work till we get a PS for it."

GrimReaperX85 (September 18th, 2013):
i can't my computer specs sucks

spidey462 (September 17th, 2013):
at the moment we should wait for them to get the game up and into beta before we ask that. dont get me wrong anything is possible but we dont know the scope of this project will entail. it could be over a year before a public beta is released. also to have to separate servers will require more money and if it is achievable the team wont know for awhile. i suggest finding the
FB page and follow the progress.

GrimReaperX85 (September 17th, 2013):
hey ask the ones that'll do the private server if it's possible to make another for instant lvl like world of warcraft and the other be for leveling?

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