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LilWarrior (September 30th, 2012):
Hey Sasuke are you the King of sharingan?

ODSTxGundam (August 31st, 2011):
hey whats happened i havent seen a single member from your guild in a while

ODSTxGundam (July 22nd, 2011):
sasuke lemme see your build please your 8 years my older cut me some slack

ODSTxGundam (July 22nd, 2011):
Jutachi said you use spiritual attacks and i do as well so i was thinking maybe you let me see your build and compare the differences so i could strengthen my own. I don't want to be just a follower using stuns just like everybody else. COME ON PLEASE MAN FROM ONE DBZ FAN TO ANOTHER.

ODSTxGundam (July 21st, 2011):
show me your build please

ODSTxGundam (July 20th, 2011):
(To his team) "We are no longer "Hebi"... From now on, our group will be known as "Taka"... And our one goal is... to destroy Konoha."

Oh really

ODSTxGundam (July 7th, 2011):
hey boss how do i get my name to say akatsuki underneath it

Uchiha Sasuke (July 6th, 2011):
What the hell are you talking about.

Monkey D. Luffy (July 6th, 2011):
you seemed like a cool guy...

Monkey D. Luffy (July 6th, 2011):
haha fooled me xD

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