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Sianth (July 25th, 2013):
i said the same thing to SSJ2_Will
yo plz tell me when u have the time remember the forum
Ya can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me which has the gohan sound mod plz tell me when you have the time thanks :D

Sianth (July 25th, 2013):
put a file for Gohan charge up sound mod :/ Pretty please :d

isoox96 (June 16th, 2013):
how is your sound mod comming allong ? and you said that there would be a surprise :p

Tomlanji (May 25th, 2013):
put a download link on the SSJG Hair :D

Citrinate (January 17th, 2013):
You're also submitting a lot that makes absolutely no sense. I'm not going to sift through a ton of garbage. If I see someone submitting too much of it, I delete everything they submit.

Don't assume that everything has some sort of weird Chinese sounding name. If that's what you get, then it's probably wrong.

They're all gone now, but one of the them I do remember you submitting was:


You submitted:

"Xidu" (a copied/pasted translation from Bing)

The correct translation was:

"West City"

西 means West
都 means City

Citrinate (January 17th, 2013):
Please do not just submit copied and pasted machine translations. Machine translations should only be used as a guide to give you a better idea of the text's meaning. From there, you should write your own translation that sounds natural to an English speaker.

If you don't know what it's trying to say, then you shouldn't be submitting anything for that line.

If you continue to do this, your access to the translation tool will be revoked.

The Reaper (June 1st, 2012):
do I delete all files by atcually selecting delete? or do I delete them once I HIT THE delete button then delete them from my recyle bin?

timcage (June 1st, 2012):
Dude i have the same problem. I can't get in. Plz help

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