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April 4th, 2013
ur wrong raditya and me too went 140 flower . 150 just item no need. But no need showoff just to prove it on a forum no going to waste my time posting proof i play this game cus enjoy it not to show off . i too do all game offers like every sunday dojang war everday scramble cc etc but why i have to post it?
April 5th, 2013
make sure again that the Kr/hk CCBD bosses have almost X2 lp then the Tw is alot harder and long
April 5th, 2013
Korean strategies are like maluriddle's cell-x guile ?
Guile like:
get party, go inside, kill mobs, kill boss =.=
you said nothing about insane bleeding, green circles, insane mobs wihich spam stun and buff remove.
same strategy for CC ? go CC, clear floors, kill bosses, take reward at end...
I remember when raditz poster video from kraken UD like 2 weeks after release on KR, they still rush on boss then run around like crazy with 2 krakens instead of just kill him slower so he dont use immune buff, when taiwan got correct strategy in same day which it was released.

maluriddle if you dont want show off why you post like this ? I can say also same, i already went 175F CC but i no need post pic to show off, but now i spam 175F with friend ( 2/5 party coz we are OP ), soon i will craft my 160F armor and 175F weapons for 80lvl.
you 140F... i wont coment this coz it will be against rules...

I really dont understand why you are like this, always saying what you/korean friends do but never show off proof, i can understand no video coz of selfish ppl wont share strategy, but picture is enought.
Like Jocer said, no proof then no parade it. Did you ever saw someone from HK/TW posting achivements wihtout proof ?

assuming, want show off -> show picture / video, if dont want then just be quiet and enjoy your achivement without posting it here.

make sure again that the Kr/hk CCBD bosses have almost X2 lp then the Tw is alot harder and long

55-70 yes, but am not sure if 105~150 bosses have more LP, can show pic of 105/110/115 or 120F LP boss ?

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April 5th, 2013



post your comment here.. if you want to know. i have a lot of jobs on my studio, so can't tell to much here. if you can clear 130-140-150 floor. you can get CCBD title (green stone, blue stone, purple stone). so, you can customize your cc armor. *look my cc armor above


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April 5th, 2013
Lol raditya my noob they cant comment there without account and raditya send more tracks to me hehe<3
April 5th, 2013
thanks for this boss in flor 150
April 22nd, 2013
150 Floors? I can't even get to floor 51 with my lvl 70 grand chef. People just want ultimates. But, yhea the crafting thing is great!! FINALLY CRAFTING!!!!!! xD
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