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August 24th, 2013
I'm Sorry if i post in the Wrong Section. But i want to know which class has the strongest energy attacks in the game?
August 24th, 2013
im not sure so dont yell at me if im wrong but i think turtles
August 24th, 2013
Oh Because i was thinking of making 1 Fighter ( which is lvl 39 now) but i wanted to try a character with More Energy Attacks.
August 24th, 2013
Instantly (1 hit, no waiting - DoT skills) - Turtle.
August 24th, 2013
there's lots of energy champs such as turtles poko dendes and karma's
with turtles there's giant kame that is there best attack + double damage if crit so that very strong
karma's and dende's/poko's are attack speed but u can build energy damage but not that strong
overall i would pick turtle.
August 24th, 2013
Fighter ain't eng at all
Turtle is the way to go
August 24th, 2013
pick turtle it's the best!
August 24th, 2013
Thanks i will be going turtle then :)

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September 4th, 2013
If you think turtle is gonna be to rough on you, you can also trying using the few energy attacks the fighters offer you.
September 4th, 2013
it all depends if its pvp or pve.
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