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January 29th, 2014
the thing about tri beam cannon, though it is OP it costs life points, so does searing crane. Cranes dont get much LP which is why they gear for CON (lp increased armour) to sustain this, but also is why they have their healing move. the main reason you could use tri beam is to knockdown your opponent in pvp, throughout this can also be done with master fan out at level 1. Also because of the cast time it would be advisable to do while an opponent is hypnotised.

However you have created this for pve purposes, so really if you want no pvp aspect at all then this isnt a problem, you just need to make sure that your LP is high as these moves take time to cast and take life away. However Thousand slashes IS a good move, it removed a DOT effect from the enemy and deals that damage in 1 burst and higher levels has higher damage to it too. Having it 5/5 is for pve purposes as it can hit 8 enemies in 15M radius, as most of your damage over time skills eg searing crane and mystical crane typhoon are within that range you could kill more targets at once (so long as the DOT affect is high enough eg a 100 DOT wouldn't hit as high with thousand slashes as a 1000 DOT would). if you want tri beam id say go for it
January 30th, 2014
Thanks for your thoughts, do you not think I am creating a problem for myself with tri beam being my most powerful attack but also my only energy attack, getting the right weapon could be a problem.

I didn't actually realise Searing Crane cost LP also, even with the CON buff perhaps having that and tri beam maxed is taking a bit too much LP.

Perhaps I should drop tri beam to 1 SP as it could still then be used as another knockdown move and then instead use thousand slashes.

Crave PVE - Thousand Slashes maxed instead of Tri beam

I have another question, when thousand slashes is cast. Do all the DOT attacks get removed or do they continue after the DOT explosion damage?

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January 30th, 2014
It removes 1 DOT affect, as a crane with multiple dot attacks that can stack eg mystical crane typhoon can hit 5+ times it will remove 1 of these to do damage. the other 4 would still be doing their dot affects. Also as a crane its advisable to gear for CON so youd be lookin around 10k-12k lp at the end game level, also apparently they are bringing back scouter chips so you could have more life regeneration rates that way. its yourown preference really.

saying that having 1 energy attack with your physical attacks is a bit odd as Thousand Slashes, dodon ray, and the fan outs are energy attacks, as your auto attack is also energy attack its a bit of a wierd one in terms of gearing for a crane with weapons. I'd say go with physical weapons so you can land better damage with the Dots that count.

However physical crit increases the initial damage of the move, but energy crit maks the DOT stronger. or so this is what is thought to be true. so its a double edged sword to be honest, this is why a crane can be varied and more your own. I believe skill reset books are easier to obtain in dboR so it isnt going to be as big of a problem if you wanted to reset your skills giving you more leeway in your skill tree and changes you make later so it shouldnt be too problematic.

Overall its your call dude, theres benefits in both and its better to be the 1 guy who goes "hey i made a unique crane class" than the same generic fighter class with everyone having the same skill tree
January 30th, 2014
I see your point, there really isn't a perfect build for crane it seems. If skill resets are easier to obtain then that makes a big difference.

You are right, my auto attack will be energy yet my only maxed energy attack doesn't really do any energy damage ( Dodon Barrage ), instead it starts a powerful bleed and weakens physical defense. I guess it will be a good idea to cast that attack first then then do the 2 physical attacks with DOT ( Mystical Crane Typoon and Searing Crane )

Basically with this build I will have 3 strong DOT attacks, 2 bleed and 1 burn, with a few extra small DOT attacks ( 1 SP ) and then I would also have Tri Beam lvl 1 and Master fan out for additional energy damage and KD, and then finally thousand slashes! All that plus the LP debuff, wow I will enjoy crane when it gets to high lvl at papaya I think and also for bosses ;)
January 30th, 2014
its a good idea to hypnotise your opponent as it will make them sleep for 23 seconds, during this time use dodon barrage to lower their physical defence by loads and also get that dot on them, be sure to take auto attack off though as although dodon barrage doesnt wake them your atuo attack will. then hit the buffs, lower lp, defence and then go behind the enemy and do searing crane as its 1.5x more powerful behind an enemy. if possible when they wake up, freeze to stop the enemy attacking and let them bleed and burn to death, (if they arent dead by that). because of the 2 second cast time of hypnosis however it maybe more strategics to freeze first to stop martial artists getting the stun on you first etc
January 30th, 2014
Won't be using it for pvp I don't think anyways, at least not initially. To start I want to be able to farm by using the AOE DOT and also be handy in dungeons and tmq's because of the LP debuff and healing ability.

I know turtles are the kings of AOE with those kame's but crane looks to be more diverse with a number of ways to kill mobs, not just go Giant Kamehameha and then Super Kamehameha... mobs dead
January 30th, 2014
yea man, you got it :D
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