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December 27th, 2013
I'm making this thread wanting to know why Jocer keeps getting banned on all of the accounts he has been using. It makes no sense. He keeps getting banned for using multiple accounts to evade a ban, but that really isn't the case. He was never banned for breaking a rule, he just asked for his account to be deleted. I fail to see where in the forum rules it states "Asking for your account to be deleted will result in a permanent ban." I can't recall of another site that permanently bans you from ever using the site again if you delete your account.

Also, according to the forum rules it says that using multiple accounts to avoid bans is considered a "serious infraction" that will result in "up to 3 points," yet you need 15 points to be perm banned. He was perm banned on multiple accounts most of which barely ever post. So if he received only 3 points for his infraction that would mean the account in question would of already had what, 12 infraction points? I seriously doubt Kenko even had 1 point. So how does that make sense? It looks like the mod who is doing this is making this a personal matter and not leaving emotions out of it. Looks to me like an abuse of power.

But sadly this thread will probably be locked or deleted within minutes of me posting without ever seeing a reply.
December 27th, 2013
He is using every account to flame people. He caused trouble and is using others accounts to flame everyone he doesn't like. Like me for instance. He used an account pure of flaming me. He used another account for pure flaming of Jaxill. He does this too much. I hear he is up to 4 accounts. Using another persons account to flame deserves a perma-ban. If the person wants to join dbocom they need to change their PW so Jocer doesn't use that account to flame again. and If Jocer got his original account back he would simply use it to cause trouble yet again.

Its kinda like this:
How would you feel if I used your account to flame and get you perma-banned. You would like the person who did it perma-banned right? I know for a fact you wouldn't forgive the person because their your friend, you would feel pissed and wouldn't trust them again for using your account without permission and getting you perma-banned.
The reason his account got Perma-Banned is because there is no actual account deletion system on dbocom. Him flaming on others accounts should result in him not getting the account back without a good reason.

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December 27th, 2013
Those accounts belonged to other users. They do not belong to Jocer, however Jocer is not hacking these accounts. At some point these users gave Jocer access to their account.

There's a US law that makes for a great comparison called Wrongful Entrustment Of A Motor Vehicle. Basically if you allow someone to drive your car and they, for whatever reason, do not have a license, the car owner can be charged as well.

Jocer may not have been banned for causing trouble initially, but he has been using these other accounts, that again do not belong to him, for the sole purpose of causing trouble therefore it is being treated as if he was banned for causing trouble.
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