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September 15th, 2013
A little more than 3 weeks ago my internet connection shut down and I couldn't access anything. Obviously. Almost a week ago, I recently got a new internet connection and tried to get back to DBO. I had noticed that it was completely different. It jumped/froze almost every 3 sec, and this was not because of bad connection. Because before I lost it, the game ran perfectly fine. Never jumped/skipped/froze/etc the entire time I had the game. So, I re-installed the game two days ago, and tried a second to get back on DBO. This time I noticed that both my characters KingDalmasca and Dalmasca were gone. As if I never created them. I know that re-installing the game replaces some files in your DBO_CW_TW folder. So, were my character files removed or replaced but inaccessible at the time? Please any help would be best.
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