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September 10th, 2011
[B]Good afternoon, ladies and gents![/B] I just got into [I]DragonBall Online[/I] myself, and after spending the last two evenings struggling to get the game to work (and sifting through quite the number of Google searches), I've decided that I would help everyone figure this out. I'm fairly computer literate and I still had trouble, so I can imagine the average user getting quite frustrated.

Now that being said, there are some [I]very helpful posts[/I] that everyone should have seen the moment they came to thanks to a floating Goku telling you to listen to his sage advice. I forward you again to the following links. Thank you Citrinate for compiling these lists for everyone.
[B]Everything You Need To Know[/B] -
[B]How To Create A Wasabii Account[/B] -
[B]English Language Pack[/B] -[/CENTER]

[I](( DISCLAIMER :: For now, this post will only detail troubles concerning the Taiwanese version - as I don't play the Korean version. I would be glad to add solutions to issues concerning the Korean version as I learn them. Also, I used the torrent. I found it to be faster than the direct download hosted half a world away. ))[/I]

Alright, so you've gone and learned Everything You Need To Know about getting started with DBO? Good. It's all installed, you have your Wasabii account, you may have even installed the English language patch? Good. Now you can fire up the Launcher and wait for it to patch up... and finally, after all these hours, click Start! If the game starts for you and you get to play, that's great! If not, keep reading.

[B][U]Let's go through the process for a (hopefully) painless play:[/U][/B]
[B]1)[/B] Make sure that DBO.exe is running with the "Run this program as an administrator" option (right-click, click Properties, it's under the Compatibility tab). Again, this is DBO.exe and [I]not[/I] the Launcher.

[B]2)[/B] If your Anti-Virus software, such as AVG, recognizes DBO.exe as a virus, [I]allow it to run[/I]. It is not a virus, it is not a trojan, it is not malicious software. It is foreign.

[B]3)[/B] If nothing pops up at all, then your Anti-Virus may have blocked it without notifying you. If this is the case, open up your Anti-Virus program, go into your Virus Vault (I use AVG, your program may have a different word for this), and make sure it allows DBO.exe to run. Simply removing it from the Virus Vault should do the trick.

[B]4)[/B] Now you must make exceptions for DBO.exe so that your Anti-Virus does not block it in the future. If you use AVG, go into Tools > Advanced Settings. Now, in the list on the left, you are looking for Identity Protection > Allowed List. If DBO.exe is not in that list, click Add, find DBO.exe in your directory, and add it. [I]Do not exit the Advanced Settings yet![/I]

[B]5)[/B] On the list to the left, you will now want Resident Shield > Excluded Items. DBO.exe is likely not in there yet. Click Add File, find DBO.exe like you did in the last step, and add it.

[B]6)[/B] Click Apply, then OK. Exit your Anti-Virus software. Even if you do not have AVG, your software should still be very similar.

[B]7)[/B] Fire up the Launcher, and click Start.

(( Now, I have seen one more thing floating around the internet. If this all fails, try going into Dragonball Online's program folder and deleting the entire GameGuard folder. You may need to restart your computer. I don't think this will be necessary, but it doesn't hurt to mention it. ))

And that should do it! Congratulations, you should be fully capable of playing DragonBall Online! Now, some shout-outs are warranted here. Thanks go out to [B]Citrinate[/B] for his helpful posts to get us started! And a big thank you to [B]Voyde[/B], without whom I never would have known about the Resident Shield step! Oh yes, and thank you [B][/B] for bringing DragonBall Online to me and the rest of this awesome community!

I hope I was able to help some of you figure this out. It is a long and arduous process at first, I know. Now, if there is anything else that I am missing, please let me know and I will update this post!

Last edited on September 10th, 2011 at 03:23 PM.
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