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September 30th, 2010
No, DPS and nuking are two totally different things. DPS is literally damage per second, meaning skills that inflict damage over a period of time. Nuking is using attacks that deal massive ammounts of damage. I'd say they're much better for nuking than DPS, as a lot of the skills deal some pretty decent damage, though not too much when compared to some of the more damage oriented classes.

In mmo terms... nuking is a term most commonly related to High damage dealing caster classes. Again, while that is a literal translation, labelling someone a DPS is just generalizing them as a damage dealing class... dunno why there's still so much confusion over this... also fyi kiyza, shadowknights have two skills that would be considered *dps* skills by your terms, and they are pretty decent damage, considering one is aoe and one is a life drain.

Let me explain something though to finally get this out of the way.. any and all skills that do Damage over time, or.. 44 damage per 2 seconds.. or whatever, in an mmo, are labelled as DOTS.. (Damage over time spells) .. they wouldn't be classified as dps skills as that is just plain silly when the terminology has already long been used to describe damage dealing classes as either DD (Damage Dealer) Or dps.
September 30th, 2010
Just adding to some of what Jay said.

DPS = Damage per second, but not literally. If you use a standard test of damage output over a certain time frame, these classes will be on top.
Nukes = These classes usually are better for mob kills than bossing, they can periodically blast an area with high damage, but in the long run, their single target damage is low-medium
Cripplers(donno what you'd all call them) = Usually stacked with DoT skills and crippling debuffs. Generally bad all around without the debuffs, but they can easily surpass DPS classes in damage with the right strategy and build.
Supports = Worst DPS, terrible damage and lacking debuffs. Usually essential to a strong party for their ability to heal and otherwise protect DPS classes, who are usually lacking in hp or defense(sometimes both)
Tanks = Built to survive, damage output is generally lower than a crippler or a DPS class, but they hold their own in damage, while also redirecting attention off of cripplers and DPS'ers.

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