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September 21st, 2012
Can any1 plz tell me witch nonnamek class is good at solo pve(especially vs bosses)? If you know more than 1 good class for that then pls put them in order starting with the best:)
I alredy have a fighter and a plasma 30+...fighter suks 100% vs ultras from my point of view and plasma is...a little better...If im doing it wrong then pls guide me on how i should do it right:))
September 21st, 2012
Fighter can one shot ultras.
Shadow Knight & DW are good at PvE especially at tanking bosses.
Swordsman for single target PvE.
Plasma is good too.
Turtle is a beast at murdering lots of mobs at once.
Ultimate Majin is good.

All depends on gear & you can't be good at PvE in the early levels (30-50). Every class gets a lot stronger in PvE after lvl50.
September 21st, 2012
So which 1 is the best ultras soloer? i understand turtle is a master aoe-er but can it solo bosses? in what order would you put the classes u said as best for solo?
September 21st, 2012
Just make a namekian warrior, masterclass Shadowknigh~t
September 21st, 2012
-i hate op classes so no way im making sk
-namekians cant be females...want female, nothing else
-i only like the majin and human transformations
September 21st, 2012
-i hate op classes so no way im making sk
-namekians cant be females...want female, nothing else
-i only like the majin and human transformations

Lol female? You must be gay or something..

The best human class for solo PVE is a fighter due they dodge..

Oh and ultimates with good gloves for kid buu c:

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September 21st, 2012
No class is OP. It's the gear that makes people OP not the class.
@Darkclox how do u know that tavyssj6 is a male? Also doesn't matter my main is a female too lol...

No class can solo high lvl bosses without a party or support by dende.
Maybe if you hit level 70 u can solo UD1,2 & 3 bosses & all up to TMQ6 i think. Again depends on your gear & boss. There are some bosses that can be solo-ed and there are some that can not be solo-ed.

For solo PvE:
Definitively DW. He has high defense,great PvE skills & high LP. It will be hard to level thought because his damage is low if u don't gear him properly & upgrade his gear.
SK good at solo PvE too. Lacks AoE's but is a murderer in single target PvE.
Ultimate spin build or kid buu build doesn't matter its a killer for farming items & grinding.
Plasma can me fun too with it's AoE's,can go kid buu...
Karma can be a lot fun with speed % gear. (speed % gear increase speed of auto attack)
Turtle has the strongest AoE skills but big CD (cooldown).
GrandCheff can kill mobs fast with his 2 AoE's but they are nerfed & underpowered in PvP. Also people (most of them) will take Ultimate over GCheff in PvE (TMQ & UD's).
Fighter - murderer with right gears in both PvE & PvP.
Same goes for Swordsman.

Basically all classes are kinda equal at PvE. It's just that some of them have specific roles.

I personally prefer an AoE class for PvE. Why? Easier farming,grinding & i love to kill more mobs at once.

You said your plasma is around level30? Why don't you give it a shoot and level it up. Maybe you will like it? You can't judge classes in the early levels especially master classes u_u
September 21st, 2012
best is poko, have pet and heal lol
September 21st, 2012
@Darkclox: I wanna see a female ass while i play....if u enjoy having a guy's butt in ur face all day, idk how u can afford to call me gay...

@nikolassj: Thank you so much for the detailed description:)! I'll continue my plasma for now:)
September 21st, 2012
No problem.

Poko is nice especially with attacking speed. Has nice buffs. But it can get boring fast.
Many poko's avoid using pets because mostly they are useless...expect the blue one i heard it can remove stuns.

Blue pet - tank,less dps & hitrate,support (aggro,remove stun,tank (easier to tank cuz its close range)). Phy.def>E.def
Red pet - dps,more hitrate,E.def>Phy.def

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