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December 13th, 2013

To be fair I was talking about my region and México, for example a show aired on the 80th's will be aired only on certian channels on the center of the country, years later (Go Lion and Mazinger Z for example are considered on mexico as 80th's shows but in fact are 70th's) so when you watched Transformers final season episode we are watching the first season episode, where you're watching the new He-man's spin off She-ra, we are watching half He-man series.

Being said, Tv channels start to try to get more cartoons/animated series quickly as possible to had more audience, so they bough some random japanese shows, the 2 main channels, TV Azteca and Televisa started a competition, after the abismal success of Dragon ball, they started to bring more and more shows in order to counter DB, and that changed how people watched "cartoons" or "Little kid shows" being something big (specially for smaller channels who wanted audience, shuch "Canal 9" and "TVT").

Once again I'm just speaking exclusive for Mexico, not USA, not another country, specially the states know as "Provincia", most of the shows that you listed where either "Cable Exclusives" or "Only watcheable at 4Am", so even if the show made their debut on the right time on Mexico, only few can watch those.

Also when I mean super heroes or heroes I was talking about the Mexican heroes too (and super heroes), Like "El Santo", "Kaliman" etc. Who offten where stupidly perfect, Kaliman can do whatever he wants, literally he can do whatever that the plots demans. Characters like "El Chapulín Colorado" are parodies about those heroes, have a "flawled" hero was know as "parody and comedia" before the anime boomb on Mexico.

But yeah I probably used the wrong words to explain myself before, that is totally possible, starting for the fact how much my enlgish sucks. Flawed charecters indeed exist before, yes, but to be fair they exist as such for increase the attributes of the other characte.

Being said, before DB most anime shows were traslated and "Mexicanized", for example Doreamon, Mazinger Z, Captain Tsubasa, where added Mexican names to almost everything, that doesn't hurt the story (sometimes) but cleary must of the people (Even adults) didn't know that those were in fact japanese shows.

I cannot speak for the north of my country or others countries, but at the least on México DB was a point of no return (along side with Saint Seiya and other series). But I firmly believe that any series could done this but DB was the first aired.

On a tottally and unrelated note, how I pronounce your nick? Just coriuos.

PD: The power of spanglish.

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December 13th, 2013
fun fact, you're a tumblr user, or you'll now Realize that you're wrong.

I'm definitely extremely passionate about db, I'd say, I was always in love with the Instant transmission ability, that's notably the #1 ability in the series for me.

Though i'd have to say seeing Dragonball online back in 2010, had rekindled my love for the series.

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December 13th, 2013
I watched Dragonball z when I was a little toddler, and it was like my fav show.
My role model used to be Goku lol, so I decided to do TaeKwonDo.
I'm now a 4th degree black belt,(proper term is "Master")in TaeKwonDo, and I'm 16, so I think Dragonball had some sort of influence on me in my life.
It also taught me lessons like strive to be the best so that's how I guess I got my motivation and strive to be the best like being top 6% of my class and other activities.

It's also wierd because a lot of my friends I am close with now used to hate me, like how goku was "enemies" with Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta so forth. I always thought that was kind of cool.

Besides me it's obvious to see where influence is in other things like manga, anime and other stuff. I think that there should be a "dragonball" archetype for that stuff lol
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