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November 13th, 2013
Hey guys so I have been working on collecting everything from Dragonball to GT from the show to the movies to the specials I wanting to make sure I have collected everything.

I am wanting everything that I can remastered and uncut and this is what I have so far

Dragonball - Entire series Uncut Remastered HQ

Dragonball Z - Entire series Uncut Remastered HQ

Dragonball GT - Entire Series Uncut Remastered HQ (I know GT sucks but want to collect it all)

Dragonball Movies - 1 - 4 - best copies I found from Funimation

DBZ Movies 1 - 13 - All Remastered & Uncut HQ

Movie 14 - Battle of Gods - 1080p - subs


History of Trunks - Remastered Uncut

Bardock Special - Remastered Uncut

Dragonball Z, One-Piece, Toriko Cross Over Special 1080p

Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans Special

"Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!"

Dragonball: Episode of Bardock (legendary Supersaiyan)

Alright so this is what I am getting currently and I have most of these so far I was wondering if there was anything I was missing from this list?

Thank you
November 13th, 2013
what about the special when goku time travel in the past with trunks
November 13th, 2013
I feel really sorry for you to be honest. The Dragon Box sets that FUNimation put out a little while ago were easily the best version of the series on DVD to date, but you'd have to pay out the ass to get them now since they were limited edition. I nabbed them while they were cheap, but not everyone has that luxury now. I'd recommend throwing in the manga if you've got all of that -- the VIZ Big editions are nice and cheap on Amazon and aren't printed on ass-quality paper like the standard release.
November 13th, 2013
oh I'm just downloading it all to have digital copies of it not a hard copy as I rather have it all neatly stored on a external hard drive for easy access to viewing than having so many dvd's and having to use those to watch the series.
November 14th, 2013
You're missing a movie from DragonBall GT. It is called "A Hero's Legacy". That movie made me emotional. It was great!
November 14th, 2013
You're missing a movie from DragonBall GT. It is called "A Hero's Legacy". That movie made me emotional. It was great!

November 14th, 2013
I didn't like how Goku Jr went ssj >.>
November 14th, 2013
I liked Goku junior and the overall story had a a good moral to it.
November 14th, 2013
Yeah, A Heroes Legacy has to be my favorite, next is Wrath of the Dragon. As for what you're missing I really don't see much missing other than previously stated: A Heroes Legacy. Btw, do you have Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans as a DVD or the one that was included with Raging Blast 2?
November 16th, 2013
Dragon ball
Dragon ball Z
Dragon ball GT
Dragon ball movies + specials

HQ Remastered Dual audio(where available) and at a low size

my favourites are the 2 specials trunks and bardocks

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