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January 21st, 2011
Dragon Ball Online is far from a top-tier MMO at the moment, but it's being smoothed out as it goes along. Eventually, it's going to get to the point where it should have more solid mechanics and class ballance, as opposed to what we have now. With the addition of flying apparently going to be implemented at some point in the future, I believe that anything is possible at this point in time. So, as the topic title suggests, what are some minor changes you'd like to see made to the game to make it more enjoyable? Not things like extra transformations, new races/classes, etc., but minor things that just add to the atmosphere and charm.

Something I, and I'm sure a good lot of us would like to see is enviornments that you can destroy. This has always been a favorite part of mine when it comes to Dragon Ball fighting games, because few things make me feel like I'm part of the series like throwing someone through a moutain. Or blowing up said mountain for that matter. While it has no real purpose, I just think it would be cool, and the enviornment could just repair itself later like how enemies respawn so it can work in an MMO setting.

So, anyone else got any suggestions?
January 21st, 2011
Smoother combat, RP balls not being used when you actually don't attack (The infamous glitch that everyone knows about). Daily quests (not reps), more dungeons spread throughout the levels (with a bit of clean up)...

To think of it.. I would REALLY like to see more HTB moves, or at least, have a sort of combo system put into this game like the one EQ2 has where you use certain abilities in a specific order (A+B=C) to create a new ability out of them which has it's own animation.. oh and while I mention HTB's.. How about making them ALWAYS work instead of working 1/10 times, lol.
January 21st, 2011
Better character customization, Nothing like APB or STO but being able to change small things like height and weight aswell as customizing the face eyes,nose,ears etc etc...
January 22nd, 2011
tournament betting. you bet on your favorites like gambling and they pay out is better if less people bet on them and stuff like that also to be able to watch the tournaments from the stands view and really feel like a spectator
January 22nd, 2011
i need repeatable timeline Quest(isnt TMQ) .i mean story of dragonball in the past and we can do it alone.Now we have only 3 timeline quest.

that suck

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January 22nd, 2011
When your charge up by pressing Z I want to get EP point alongside RP
January 22nd, 2011
- Destroyable environments like Kiyza said.
- Day and Night cycles? The sky is always so clear, we need more weather effects.
- Spectator option for ranked fights and Tenkaichi Budokai like Jaxill said.
- Refund option in vendor NPC's (for a limited amount of time for each item that you sell to NPC's).
- Make an option to allow us to look at all four skill bars at the same time.

- Make it so people can be offline and still remain in the party that they were in before they went offline. This will save a lot of TMQ's from failure because people automatically get kicked from the party when they disconnect while they are in the middle of doing TMQ's. But if they implement this system then they would be able to log back in after their disconnection and just jump right back into the action and finish off that TMQ.

- Make melee skills more fun to use. Melee skills should make your character move around more and look more epic. From the few skills in the game right now that DO make you character move (
, and
), they still don't look very fun at all. These skills just make your character to dash into your enemy or just teleport behind it, and follow up with an attack. But imagine if an attack went like this: your character dashed up to the enemy (just like Charging Fist/Quick Attack) but then suddenly teleported behind the enemy and kicked it up into the air and then followed up by smashing it back down into the ground. Its kind of like something you would see in a Tenkahichi/Raging Blast game. I know it would be hard to implement attacks like these but if they do it then that would be awesome.
January 22nd, 2011
All you said, is nice.

Specially the combat things. I'd make it more "active", now is just not very DBish.
But I don't really know how to... I would make it more like RB, with throws, and charged punches that makes enemies cross the enviroment and crush into it... but would change the combat system a lot.

Instead, it could be made with the current skills. For example, some skills (or with RP usage, like a special RP set that uses 2 RP balls) could be able to throw the enemy far away, and if in it's way finds an obstacle, could either break it or get crushed into it (if is big enough).

Ki skills like Kikoho and Super Kamehameha (also Hellzone Grenade and Super Homming blablabla for majins, I don't know how it's called) could make a hole in the ground that could work like the "crush-in-the-wall" of the Melee classes, but in the ground.

Final Flash (and the Swordman Kamehameha, and all the others that are equivalent) could also work in the same way as the melee skills, launching the target, but some thing like being pushed along with the blast (just in the same way Vegeta is pushed by the Kamehameha, he actually is IN the beam).

Would make combat more enjoyable.

And... FLY!!
January 22nd, 2011
i would like that you can create a character and just choose what skill's you put on him like making a human a healer or a namek a sword master. like in silkroad just chose which build you are going to make without having to chose wich character you are taking
January 22nd, 2011
i would like that you can create a character and just choose what skill's you put on him like making a human a healer or a namek a sword master. like in silkroad just chose which build you are going to make without having to chose wich character you are taking

Nah, that is horrible!

BUT, what you said about creating the build in the char creation, would be useful, and if they make the skills learnable by yourself (like in the test server), it would be even more possible.
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