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August 21st, 2013
I'm on server 1. What I have seen a lot of here is most of the MA community using Con Armor maybe a 30% Block Crit for Chest, and Prop Earrings/Ring sets. I literally have only seen 1 other fighter besides me that has a dominate Dex build.

The information I have gathered from these forums dictate Dex builds with Fighters. And either Con or Foc for pants depending on who you are fighting.

After having a go at most of the guys with 1st place auras on the pad, I have found that my +7 Crit stick hits like a wet noodle against most of these guys even when it crits. And I have 25% for gloves and stick when this happens.

I don't have access to Kraken groups or any of the end game content to get the accessories, so I want to get a general consensus on Dex vs Con/Prop from the Fighters that have access to these items.

Is the Prop/Con set a better way to go for pvp? Less damage taken, more health. How do they compare?
September 5th, 2013
Well con is gaureented lp where as dex is just random luck . Fighters have low lp anyways so you can kill a full geared fighter with low stats like 20% crit . Fighter fights is all about who crits first
September 5th, 2013
Yes is all lucky based. Since fighters have low LP/Defense (even with prop/con you can easy die by a crit). I find Dex way much better, imagine: 2x 28 dex earrings + 2x 28 dex armor its more than 100 dex, about 500 dodge and 18-20 crit rate? Really much better use that.
September 7th, 2013
Do you want to survive long time and have a 20% chance of critting?
Survive less and be a person who can one shot everyone 80% of the time?

Thats my theory xd but dex gear changes crit rate from 40-45 to 60-65, 20 to 80 no way.
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