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September 11th, 2013
hi can you tell me if this build its good ^_^

Blitz fist is no longer needed, assuming you have more that 50% speed from your weapons combined, you can also get up to 7% attack speed using an excellent dogi effect ball on a hat. Speed is capped to 100% and thunder of course gives 50%.

Final flash and Big bang are useless. Final flash has aweful cast time, Big bang will do little damage at 1/5 without energy crit weapons, and that is taking into account the fact that people will wear full M.DEF against you. Don't bother using damaging energy attacks as a fighter. You are removing skill points from things that you could benifit from.

In PVP 5/5 is not needed in thunder. You opponent will run away after your kidney shot stun expires unless they are stupid. Kidney shot stun lasts 7 seconds. Therefor 35 seconds of thunder is not required.

If you want another attack put points into WFF, it is actually pretty effective at 6/6.

Also I like having swiftness at 5/5 for the extra crit rate and resistance it provides against SK's. Not to mention you have more chance to dodge a bold.

Other than that get creative :)

If you have any further questions please ask in a new thread and I will be happy to help. This thread is about equipment and not about builds.

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September 12th, 2013
hi can you tell me if this build its good ^_^

That is the thread for builds , please stop spamming every dam thread just wait for an answer that kindly brembo has given . Please may other users post in the builds thread or create their own thread instead of posting in this guide . Ill leave the original message , brembos reply and my reply so people see not to do it again as the 2 threads are completely different
September 13th, 2013
Thanks Brembo. This thread benefits not only fighters but also all other classes.
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