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Yuhei (October 27th, 2012):
Lol yeah technically everyone can be traced back (human player wise) to two bloodlines goku's and vegeta's lol but I would imagine that it would be possible for some the the human characters to have decided to stay in the past and mate with others as well as some being able to return to their own time but it is a very interesting thought and a very good backstory/plot by Akira toriyama and the devs. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me on a side project I am working on I will pm you details about it also. Sorry about below where it's days vegetable instead of vegeta lol used
My phone to type it up and predictive text decided to add something else

Yuhei (October 9th, 2012):
Hey it's does not say when your characters came from just that they are not from the year 1000 and you can find the whole story translated on one of the forum pages created by cit try using google search under lot more lore or back story also try history but I will do my best to sum it up the characters come from some time after goku and vegetable left earth to have their final battle and in the future because of Mira messing with time in order to obtain gokus DNA rips in time were formed sucking up young children during their required survival training in the wild ( much like how piccolo trained gohan it became mandatory for all children to do a world wide law if you would dende helped make this happen to help prepare for Mira's arrival) also its a little unclear which Trunks this is (future or present) as it only says that trunks was told where to go to find the time machine that cell used to get to earth. But king Kai and the other kaios put him in charge of the time patrol to prevent the destruction of everything in the universe lol I hope you find the post by cit because there is much more and it is very cool and a good read

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