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cansta (March 6th, 2014):
You should try League of Legends. Im on EU-West. My summoner name is milli0n3.if you ever gonna start playing, add me :)

cansta (November 21st, 2013):
any other games you play atm? like League Of Legends etc ?

cansta (October 10th, 2013):
yo , DBO TW / HK closing.. KR version already close.. TW & HK closing on 30/10/2013 ....

cansta (July 26th, 2013):
U still have ur tw acc? Lets play on TW!

cansta (March 27th, 2013):
still growing, more & more joins HK.
believe me , you are going to have much more fun than u ever had on TW

cansta (March 20th, 2013):
so , ya playing DBO HK yet? ( its alooot more fun on HK than on TW )

cansta (December 27th, 2012):
Let me know your name in de Hongkong! Zo i Can add ya

cansta (November 30th, 2012):
OMG ! MASAAMUNY !!!!!!! btw its me FourStar !!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOO i missed ya man :D Trunkz is also coming back !!! :)

cansta (September 29th, 2012):
ya play on HK? ... let me know sth..

cansta (September 15th, 2012):
sup bro , ya still playin? Let me know sth please ! i miss the old times :(

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