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Kenkonssj4 (August 12th, 2013):
Cool I just wanted a patch to translate quest and mobs. And I'm currently in StormRiderz but maybe il think about it. I still see master I think Tenkaku? Il check on my dbo file later

HelluFU (August 11th, 2013):
And I do not know much about making patches, you should search threads on forums and also you can ask our beloved Citrinate how to do it. He is a nice guy and always helps. Also wehat kind a patch u want to make? Translation? Bug fix? You can always contribute to the dbocom patch. Concider it "Official foreigner DBO patch". I hope I answered you questions.

HelluFU (August 11th, 2013):
I passed my title to SSJKyoka. She is nice person and good lead. I still play though. If you want we can add u. We need good ppl ;)

HelluFU (August 11th, 2013):
well I usualy go to channel 2.

HelluFU (August 11th, 2013):
look for stronger mobs, super for example. Also try to hunt 4 lvls higher mobs, just roam around the world and look for dbs icons, at least for me it is better than farming till db mobs apear, also pics mid populated channel.

GrimReaperEX (July 21st, 2013):
lol i remember u how ya doing ..

Kenkonssj4 (July 19th, 2013):
Awesome! How is CrismonAlliance? I kinda miss it but StormRiderz is so much fun!

HelluFU (July 18th, 2013):
Finished my studies in colleege, now working working working ;D -_-

HelluFU (July 13th, 2013):
;D Good for ya, m8

HelluFU (July 12th, 2013):
I do. Sup?

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