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nikslg (January 2nd, 2014):
yea sup. Its been awhile. How you been? I rarely visit this forum now. Even my Gesshoku team is missing. Sometimes people message me though.

nikslg (August 30th, 2013):
seems like old people returning?
Remember me? :)

whiteslash220 (August 20th, 2013):
HIIII :D how are you?! :D

whiteslash220 (April 2nd, 2012):
meow :3

Granda (March 23rd, 2012):
Hey iTrippin how you been?

ishali (May 15th, 2011):

so what if someone started talking about what type of pure stones there are currently, or where they can buy them. by your analogy, the person posting it would still be on topic. however the topic is on "Anyone have a idea of how were gonna make cash ?"
discussing about why they are gone is irrelevant. also its been discussed on this thread before

ishali (May 15th, 2011):
"How was my post off topic ? I asked about what is happening to the pure stones"

the topic is about making zeni, not why the stones are gone. "Anyone have a idea of how were gonna make cash when pure stones are gone next patch?"

if you search the forum, you can find that answer

whiteslash220 (April 20th, 2011):
Ok well I hope when you come back that we'll both be online :)

whiteslash220 (April 16th, 2011):
Hey, I know you check back every once and a while. I do the same but you should log on and play sometime. Finally saw Daemonpiccolo again and we were talking bout old times. You should come back give it a try maybe. It would be kool to see you online.

whiteslash220 (March 25th, 2011):
Hey man, long time no see! hope you come back soon.. I'm lvl 43 now but if you come back you can catch up! im a slow lvler, xD

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