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RYNMELANCON (December 3rd, 2012):
Check now.

Kenkonssj4 (December 3rd, 2012):
may i have permition to use the patch?

SlayerK (December 3rd, 2012):
Hey Citrinate. May i have permission to access the translation tool. Thanx a lot.

Palaxito (December 2nd, 2012):
Greeting Citrinate, I was wondering if you could give me permission so I can access the new patch, thank you.

c_warrior (December 2nd, 2012):
may I have permission to use the patch?

RYNMELANCON (December 2nd, 2012):
I'm doing it like that and it is just showing up as the link.

DemonBane (December 2nd, 2012):
The patch is awesome! can i have the permission for the url of the english patch translations tool?

Treyssj (December 2nd, 2012):
Hey may I have permission to the new patch please

RYNMELANCON (December 2nd, 2012):
How do I make pictures show up on the guild info screen here:

galati95 (December 2nd, 2012):
Hi, i am interestyed about this thing

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