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Yuhei (October 9th, 2012):
Did you right click the file and select properties and uncheck read only first and click apply button?? If not do that before opening in notepad++ hope it works for you

JakXLT (April 13th, 2012):
Just letting you know that I've moved to the HK server and reformed Descendants.

JakXLT (January 17th, 2012):
Yeah man I'm on right now.

JakXLT (January 17th, 2012):
Sry man, was kicking inactives and nobody said they had seen you on.

JakXLT (November 12th, 2011):
game crashed. this is pissin me off, im gonna take a break.

JakXLT (November 8th, 2011):
I'm on right now.

JakXLT (November 8th, 2011):
Liger isn't gonna be my main. Even with the nerf on crit rates I just can't deal with the hit rate issues on fighter so im working on a sword again -_-

JakXLT (November 8th, 2011):
Liger is my character. My email was compromised and the hacker had access to my account, so I moved to a new account

JakXLT (November 6th, 2011):
I'm hopping on now.

JakXLT (October 26th, 2011):
I'm able to get on DBO now.

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