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silver1995 (April 17th, 2011):
sup bro

Vongola (September 22nd, 2010):
You have been chosen to be part of The Vongola Famiglia Do you accept the vongola ring of Cloud?

AceX (September 16th, 2010):
Heres the link man:
What is your color??

bishopjob (September 16th, 2010):
Ik zat ook in Dragon Warriors ;)

SuperTao (September 16th, 2010):

SuperTao (September 16th, 2010):
nee ik zit in mugeongum

bishopjob (September 16th, 2010):
Ah ok, heb best veel met Harutomo gepraat. Ik ben Yeegar (vroeger Taburu) maar jij zat ook een tijd in Shadow Elites toch? Of zat ik bij jou in Dragon Warriors?

SuperTao (September 16th, 2010):
FreshG maar ik speel niet zo veel meer ( ik ben attacker of harutomo's broer)

silver1995 (August 15th, 2010):

Dragonballfan23 (July 28th, 2010):
um hi i need some tips u dont need to make me one im not a lazy bum letting someone do work for me but can u tell me what the problem evertime when i go to netmarble korean site i try to make an account first i enter the name and stuff but then there is a social security code i need help man i tried to make making up codes it was really idoitc but then it says some crap i dont under stand plz help me man sorry for the long message help me:(

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