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swincuthegreat1 (September 22nd, 2013):
I like what MightyMukusMan1 said.
Personally, I thank you, Citrinate!
I love this website. And you too. ( No Homo ).
Well it has been a nice run, but I won't let this game end without a fight!
Until then,

MightyMukusMan1 (September 19th, 2013):
Hi I never really spoke to you but you did a great job on this website and tbh your probs the only reason Im playing this game other wise I duno where I would have learnt how to install the game.

I know its over and we are 99.9% going to lose this game but I think we should at least try to make our voices herd. I love this game and I cant let it die without me trying to do something.

I would like you to organize or help me organize a daily log in and email (at specific times) this will get our voices herd we will log in once per day and then email them telling them they have made a mistake and should have released it in the West first.

What do you think?

Gokugohan (September 18th, 2013):
can you keep dbo up?

Millionz14 (September 18th, 2013):
hey Citrinate, i just wanted to Thank You.
thank you for everything you did for us.

swincuthegreat1 (September 15th, 2013):
Please let me change my name.
I want to because I made this account a long time ago, and it wont let me make a new account with the same email. I don't want to make a new email.
Also, this is the username for my old account on dbo. I have made a new account on dbo. My character's name is SwincuTheRandom.
Please change my name to that. I'm sorry if this reason is not good enough, but please.
I understand if you wont do it, but either, way thanks for creating dbocom.

joshua38022 (September 15th, 2013):
I want to download English patch form media fire but were is it

Aneta97 (September 13th, 2013):
YOU GENIUSE TELL ME RIGHT NOW HOW TO START THIS FRIGGING GAME!!! I HAVE THE KOREAN VERSION AND I KNOW THAT MY PASSWORD AND USERNAME ARE RIGHT,but IT WON'T SIGN UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's tormenting me for hours,I practicly wasted a full day on my pc just tring to download and instal it and now it won't even start my acount :(

MasterLight (September 12th, 2013):
how do i delte my guild page from dbocom

SSGodGoKu (September 11th, 2013):
Hey i was wanting to know if you still need people to translate? i translated alot with your patcher,but could do alot more and alot faster if i had your tool program.can work on translating atleast about 4-7 hours a day on most days so just let me know if i can help..thanks alot and nice job on the english patch that you already released ^^

ktampkins (September 8th, 2013):

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