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ChaosStrike (October 3rd, 2013):

Tomlanji (October 2nd, 2013):
U spammed, for that signature? -_-

ChaosStrike (October 2nd, 2013):

Tomlanji (October 2nd, 2013):
You still are complaining on so many things, acting like you are going to be top dog in a future game, and making "suggestions". Chill and do research before you post.

ChaosStrike (October 2nd, 2013):
I am...... I have 17 posts, so I need 8 more. Don't worry, I will stop being so quicky posty once I am at 25.

Tomlanji (October 2nd, 2013):
._. u are doing all of this because u want a signature? False

Tomlanji (October 1st, 2013):
As Dumke said. Chill. Your spamming posts, complaining on how u never played, acting as if your going to be some overpowered hero (acting as if your in knowledge of our current DBO), and quite frankly, annoying people.

Dumke (October 1st, 2013):
dude you need to fuckin' chill

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    Race: Human

    "I am a hero. The hero the world needs. I am a Super Saiyan, born to protect all. Goodbye planet Vegeta, I am protecting Earth now."


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