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raditzroom (January 23rd, 2012):
and if someone bought ur items at that site, u will got real money right? then u send that items to buyer via game mail box?

raditzroom (January 23rd, 2012):

ODSTxGundam (November 28th, 2011):
heres the translated message you sent to easy4me2own like 2 weeks ago Hello Dear players: Due to not know the contents of your problem is indeed cut, be grateful you again for your detailed questions, in order to facilitate customer service follow-up for your service. If additional questions or suggestions for future issues, we welcome your response time to customer service, thank you.

MohitSS10 (November 12th, 2011):
oh dam i wish he dont delete , but i think it totaly depends on how powerfull wasabii is even if he delete , take items
a real support can fix everything in few days they can retrive character , items and ban the hacker

MohitSS10 (November 12th, 2011):
no they must have sended it to all thier customers after some particular time , and only few from them get in thier trap
they dont do right after u bought cause they dont want thier site name to become bad

MohitSS10 (November 12th, 2011):
lol its gonna be hard to find who the hacker is xD , and he was too smart , if he was some dumb guy i cud have eaisly trapped him to tell his main character name

MohitSS10 (November 12th, 2011):
really sad i hope you get in game soon , and if we get that hackers main character name we will make sure to pawn him to his Death

Tempest (November 12th, 2011):
Never mind, I already did it. Please never post the links you got from the email, as we do not want it to spead.

Tempest (November 12th, 2011):
Hey, can you please remove all the links having to do with your account being hacked in your thread, as we do not want it being spread to other members.

Exactly (November 12th, 2011):
You are hacked? :///

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